Rav Bina makes comments that are more befitting a buffoon than a rabbi.
Here are a few quotes that he is fond of saying.  If you have heard him make other such comments please email us.

“The Skokie Yeshiva has killed more Jewish souls than the Holocaust!”

“The only good homosexual is a dead homosexual”

“Your behavior made God give me cancer.”

“You are going to hell you shvartze.”

“God hates you!”

“You are so fat you are going to have a heart attack and die!”

“You are going to marry five shiksas.”

“Aish Hatorah brainwashes everyone. But brainwashing is good. We need to brainwash our talmidim.”

“Mevaseret [yeshiva] is a joke. The rabbis there don’t know how to learn Torah.”


  1. I have no doubt Rav Bina has turned more students onto Judaism than off. However, even turning off 1% of students is a huge issue. How many of the 1000s of students would have become more religious regardless of what yeshiva they went to, and how many would have become less?

    There is also the fact that if a teenager sees those next to them being abused, but is not abused himself – the boy may feel special. This is a basic bias that’s more common in children than in adults. Those who do poorly on the SAT consider it a stupid test, those who do well consider it a great test. Namely, being liked by Rav Bina comes with more esteem than being liked by other Rabbis, because other Rabbis like everyone.

    The problems with Rav Bina are 3-fold: He is harming students, sometimes for completely arbitrary reasons. Personally I was a bad kid with anger issues, and probably warranted worse treatment than being made a pariah and having other students forbidden from talking to me. However, my same year, a kid was abused, much, much worse than me for confiding in a Rabbi that he was a homosexual. I was affected by my experience at Netiv for years after the fact, caused trouble and developed significant issues with authority simply for getting abuse that was at least partly deserved. I cannot begin to imagine what life was like for that homosexual kid, but hope he was stronger than me. If I were homosexual and Rav Bina somehow found out about it, it’s probable I wouldn’t be alive today. The amount of anguish and abuse is unfathomable.

    I don’t think Rav Bina is sitting around, and intentionally harming students, but believe he is a man who listens to his gut reactions as much as he listens to Torah. He will find in texts a basis by which to degrade women, compare black people to animals and advocate death for homosexuals.

  2. *I would also like to leave a question for all those supporting Rav Bina – how is Rav Bina helping, and in some cases, SAVING other boys relevant?

    When Jerry Sandusky was tried for molesting boys, we weren’t saying BUT look at all the boys he didn’t molest, and all the boys he helped. We didn’t do this because we were judging him based on SPECIFIC ACTIONS, not on his value as a human being and as a teacher.

    Obviously telling a child his parents don’t love each other or that he hopes they’ll die young isn’t in the zip code as molesting children, Hell, it’s not even the same state.

    However, helping one child and hurting another don’t cancel each other out such that if 2 children are helped for every one harmed, someone is a true tzadik. But this is the argument most supporters make.

    So to all the supporters, I ask you this: Where in Shulchan Orech, the Gemorah, better yet, where in any book of any religion does it say that helping Person A cancels out hurting Person B? I recognize there might not be a basis in Jewish law for this argument so I’m not asking those who made this argument to cite Jewish law. Hell, I’d even be willing to toss away monotheism. Just present me any argument in any value system in the history of humanity that supports this position?

    I suppose you could support this argument based on Eugenics Law. Namely, Rav Bina picks out the weak kids and abuses them off the Jewish path to strengthen the Jewish community as a whole. That is a decent argument, and there’s value in it because it makes Jews as a whole mentally stronger over the long haul by filtering out some of those who are mentally weak.

    My only request is that the Netiv Aryeh alumni making this argument don’t back their position with Jewish law unless they can cite a specific provision. You should be citing Charles Darwin and the Third Reich, both of which are completely acceptable positions. That said, don’t try to convince others that Third Reich law should take priority over Talmudic Law when it comes to analyzing Judaism.

  3. Big Up

  4. Rav Bina told me “you will die slowly because of all the Gesh you’ve done”

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