If you are parents of a former student of Rabbi Aharon Bina, please consider posting your experience below.


“I wouldn’t want him [Rav Bina] within 50 feet of my child…”

“Personally, having met Rav Bina, I agree that I wouldn’t want him within 50 feet of my child unless I wanted my child to be a racist women-beating hick with post traumatic stress disorder.” Comment by Parent on December 29, 2009 7:11 AM


“An investigation needs to be implemented…”

“Our son spent the early part of his year in Israel at Netiv Aryeh. For several weeks he was subject to a barrage of harassment and verbal abuse from the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Bina, without any explanation. Ultimately he transferred to another Yeshiva, but not without first being forced to cope with the emotional distress of Rav Bina’s harassment and verbal abuse.

I recognize that Yeshivot hear from many over-protective parents that are upset about their children’s experiences, however, I hope to make clear that our son’s experience crossed the line of over-protective into the domain of abusive. An investigation needs to be implemented to prevent a situation akin to ours and to implement changes to prevent a repeat situation. There is no excuse for any person, let alone a Rosh Yeshiva, to speak to anyone the way he does.”
Comment by Parent on May 5, 2009 6:24 AM

“You Have Raised a Terrible Son!”

“My son went to Netiv Aryeh. A few months into the year, I had the opportunity to visit my son at the Yeshiva. A meeting ensued; in the meeting were me, my son, Rav Bina, a couple of other Rabbeim, a madrich or two, and one of Rav Bina’s sons. Without even saying hello or welcome, Rav Bina began a tirade the likes of which I had never heard from my greatest enemies.




And on and on and on…Baruch HaShem my son left the yeshiva and today is married to a beautiful frum girl, earns a nice parnasa, learns daily and is a mentsch. I never saw Rav Bina again, and I hope I never do. But that dreadful day still comes back to me in nightmares.”
Commented on Monday, May 4, 2009


“Rav Bina should be removed from his current position immediately.”

“When I sent my son to Israel with the hopes of a wonderful year, I was devastated to find him totally brainwashed by November. As a professional, it was quite horrifying to watch him become a stranger, no longer enjoying basketball, television or life itself!

I had seen it happen to other boys but it ‘could never happen to us.’ We were fortunate. I contacted someone who was experienced with cultism and he advised me that the holiest bond is the parental bond and to not let go. What ensued was monthly visits by my husband and myself. Finally, a miracle occurred and my son switched yeshivas in the dark of night. When he arrived at the new location he said the air was ‘better.’ He could breathe again!

Parents inspect and research the purchase of a new car more than they research the quality of yeshivas in Israel. Rav Bina should be removed from his current position immediately. He has very wealthy supporters and is quite powerful. No one should fear him. With the truth he will disappear and become ‘tumah’ and be placed in ‘cherem’ where he belongs.

The original HaKotel was able to separate themselves from Bina. We should be as successful! I wish you success. Please make sure parents read your blog before they decide which yeshiva to send to.


“If even a fraction of the allegations on this site bear even a kernel of truth, then the man should be tarred and feathered.”

I’m a father, as well, and I happen to think this site is doing a wonderful service! Until now, I had only heard good things about Rav Bina, and may have even considered letting my boys study at Netiv Aryeh. But no longer! If even a fraction of the allegations on this site bear even a kernel of truth, then the man should be tarred and feathered. At the very least, he should be far from any kind of position of influence.

This site has convinced me, and based on what I’ve been hearing around my shul, and from my kids and their friends; it’s not just adults that are getting the message: it’s the whole community.”


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