Rabbi Aharon Bina has verbally, emotionally and psychologically abused his students for over 30 years. The purpose of this site is to further alert the Jewish community (prospective students, parents and authorities) to Rav Bina’s abusive behavior.

Countless students have reported they have been victims of Rav Bina’s abusive behavior. Rav Bina is the only rabbi in an American yeshiva program in Israel to earn himself a website that is dedicated to exposing his abusive behavior. There are numerous yeshivot in Israel where students can learn Torah in a socially healthy atmosphere. Parents would do well to choose a different Yeshiva than Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh.

If Rav Bina likes your son, it is unlikely that Rav Bina will target him for abuse.  But he will instead become a passive, perhaps even an approving witness to Rav Bina’s psychological abuse of others.  Your son will either be a victim of verbal abuse or someone who witnesses it and does nothing. He loses either way.

If you are a parent who has read these accusations below (even if you think only a fraction of them are true) and you are still considering sending your son to study under Rav Bina, than you need professional help and spiritual guidance.

PUBLIC HUMILIATION: During his shiur, Rabbi Aharon Bina verbally attacks individual students – in front of all their peers – calling heavy students “fat” and telling them they will drop dead of heart attack. He justifies this behavior by saying he is trying to embarrass them into dieting. But he is also makes fun of the fat kids even when they are not present. It seems he enjoys humiliating them more than “motivating” them.

Rabbi Aharon Bina calls students who answer questions incorrectly “idiots.” Would a high school rabbi or a YU college rabbi be allowed to repeatedly call a student an idiot? Is it appropriate for any educator, let alone a Rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva, to humiliate students publicly, regardless of his supposed “intent” to motivate one to learn Torah?

GUILT: Rabbi Aharon Bina tells students, “God hates you,” and “I hope you go to hell,” if they do or say something he finds disagreeable. Telling a student, “God hates you,” aside from exceeding all bounds of religious arrogance, is a huge amount of guilt to place on an 18-year-old student. Is this the way parents want rabbis to motivate their children to remain observant?

OBSESSION WITH HOMOSEXUALITY: Aharon Bina publicly ridicules homosexuals with degrading and humiliating comments. Imagine for a moment that your child is a closeted homosexual.  Imagine the embarrassment, shame, and humiliation that Aharon Bina will publicly inflict on him when he says publicly in shiur that “the only good homosexual is a dead homosexual.” Even if you disapprove of homosexuality, do you think that Aharon Bina’s insensitive remarks will somehow turn your son into a heterosexual? And if your son is a heterosexual, do you want your son to be believe that its better for homosexuals to be dead rather than alive?

DENIGRATION: Rabbi Aharon Bina tells certain students they will most definitely get divorced.  He uses shame, denigration, and humiliation to shape the students into what he thinks are fine yeshiva bochrim.  It seems as if its only purpose is to intimidate the students and make them feel bad about their own moral, psychological, and interpersonal characteristics.

RANDOM CRUELTY: Rabbi Aharon Bina uses a number of psychological tools to pressure and harass student to behave in the way that he thinks fit. At the beginning of the year, Aharon Bina usually expels a few students in order to make an example of them and set a firm tone that he is the boss. In most cases, these students have done nothing to deserve expulsion from yeshiva. In some cases, Aharon Bina expels students simply because he does not like the look of them.

ABUSE OF POWER: Rabbi Aharon Bina uses drug-testing as a tool to harass students into conforming their behavior to his regulations, even when there is no evidence that a student is using drugs. One student in 2009 often played the drums on Ben Yehuda Street during his free time.  This horrified Rabbi Bina, who told the student in shiur that he must be on drugs. Rav Bina forced the student to take a drug test. The test came back negative but since the student continued to play the drums on Ben Yehuda, Aharon Bina repeatedly made him take drug tests to deter him from playing drums, and to show the other students that playing drums on Ben Yehuda along with the other street performers is not “normal.”

Rabbi Aharon Bina’s scare tactics pervade the Yeshiva atmosphere. He accuses students who do something that he finds disagreeable of much greater crimes. In this way, he sets an example of them and instills fear in other students, so that they will adhere to a narrow and limiting code of conduct that Rabbi Aharon Bina finds morally correct.

NERVOUS BREAK DOWN: Aharon Bina’s verbal abuse and public embarrassment of students can become intense. He is notoriously harmful to students who enter Yeshiva with psychological frailties.  More than one student descended into a depression after taking repeated insults and abuse from Aharon Bina. While verbal abuse cannot be the only cause for causing a nervous breakdown, it is proven that emotionally abusive high-pressure environments can activate latent psychological conditions, and Aharon Bina’s tactics often have this effect on psychologically-vulnerable students.

UNACCEPTABLE INVASION OF PRIVACY: Rabbi Aharon Bina employs madrichim to spy on the students. They not only report the students’ activities to Aharon Bina but also report things the students say, think and feel.  One student this year told a friend that he did not believe in God but he didn’t want to share that information with anyone else. That “friend” relayed it to a rabbi at Netiv, who immediately reported it to Aharon Bina. Aharon Bina then reportedly told the boy’s parents. The students’ emails are monitored by the yeshiva. Personal confidences and personal security are essential components of human dignity.  Aharon Bina’s invasion of students’ privacy allows for neither.

PHYSICAL ABUSE: There is physical abuse at Netiv Aryeh albeit limited. Aharon Bina’s aggressive verbal attacks led him, during a shiur, to throw a staple gun at a student’s face, causing the student to bleed. Since Aharon Bina teaches students that his bullying methods are not only acceptable but morally indispensable, the other students in the shiur said nothing when he threw a stapler.  Some of them laughed.

Rabbi Aharon Bina sends his employee Uri, a large Israeli reservist who carries a gun, to slap students and intimidate them. One rabbi employed by Rav Bina got into a physical fight with a student and choked him.

NOT MODERN ORTHODOX: In the shadow of Aaron Bina’s abusive personality, this point seems trivial. But one should note that his claim to be Modern Orthodox is ridiculous. He openly denigrates American universities, secular thought, and other basic touchstones of Modern Orthodox Jewish life. He has knowingly misrepresented his hashkafa to the wider Jewish community for years. He fools parents and students into choosing his yeshiva on a Modern Orthodox platform, but the philosophy he teaches is modern only in limited senses.  On a personal level, his dis-ingenuousness raises questions about his basic integrity.

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